A Hat For Every Head

A Hat For Every Head is our second show of five short pieces, written by myself, Greg and Andrew.

It had three performances at The King’s Arms in Salford on September 2018 and a further two at at The Old Dancer in Wilmslow in October.

Full Cast:

All’s Fair by Andrew C. Husband: Aaron – Daniel Waterhouse, Jake – Kyle O’Neill, Theo – Keaton Tyler-Lansley

Slippers by Anna Girolami:  Lydia – Jaimie Rivers, Peggy – Pat Brocklehurst

Reddish and Proud by Greg Kelly: Reddish – Samantha Siddall, Blueish – Greg Kelly

GRRL PWR by Anna Girolami: Kim – Tenika Coates, Fat Freddy – Steve Connolly, Teri – Ali Donohue, Reporter – Keaton Tyler-Lansley

The Mr Men by Anna Girolami: Mr Tall – George Bewley, Mr Average – Greg Kelly, Mr Small – Andrew C. Husband

A book containing all the plays and pictures of the cast is available to buy from Amazon.



(Colour photography with permission of La Production Solutions and Mark Russell. With many thanks)