No Weaver Nor Woman, Hope Mill Theatre, October 2018

Hope Mill Theatre celebrates its third birthday this month and they are marking the occasion with a two week long festival.

Last week, as part of this festival, they hosted a special Manchester ADP Scripts Aloud night: ADP Takes on Cottonopolis. This was unusual for a Scripts Aloud evening because the four pieces were all invited responses to a theme, rather than submissions previously received.

Silver Pine was delighted to be asked to contribute and ‘No Weaver Nor Woman’ was written specially for the occasion. It was directed by Joseph Houston himself (Artistic Director at Hope Mill) and starred Antonia Whitehead as Catherine Chisholm, Pat Brocklehurst as Fish Maggie and Cat Morefield as Rose. All of whom acted out of their skins.

It was an amazing evening and I was so proud to be a part of it.