Casting Call:

Silver Pine Productions presents:

A Hat For Every Head


Local plays for local people! Five short plays written, acted and produced by the talented folk in and around Manchester.

Renumeration: profit share

Performance Details:

King’s Arms, Salford

Saturday 22nd September, 8 pm

Sunday 23rd September, 2 pm and 5 pm

The Old Dancer, Wilmslow

Monday 1st October, 8 pm

Thursday 4th October, 8 pm

Rehearsal Details:

Read through: Tuesday 28th August 8 pm, venue TBC

Hope Studios: 1-2nd September 10am-4pm, 8-9th September 10am-4pm

Dress/Tech rehearsal King’s Arms: Saturday 22nd September, 6 pm

Dress/Tech rehearsal The Old Dancer: Sunday 30th September, 1 pm

Casting Breakdown:

All’s Fair (written by Andrew C. Husband, directed by Daneka Etchells): Teenagers Aaron and Jake have been friends forever – surely nothing can change that? But then Theo arrives on the scene..

Aaron: playing age 17-20 yrs. Cocky, out-going and impulsive. Underneath it all, not quite as sure of himself as he seems.

Jake: playing age 17-20 yrs. Shy, taciturn and inclined to be grumpy. Astute about people and very, very loyal.

Theo: playing age 17-20 yrs. A beautiful shark, only interested in collecting notches for his bedpost.

GRRL PWR (written by Anna Girolami, directed by Daneka Etchells): Outstanding young boxer, Kim Rivers, is punching her way into the Big Time when she discovers that Freddy, her mentor and trainer has been less than honest about his murky past. Will she swallow his lies (and her own disgust) to safeguard her own future or will she confront hypocrisy, even if it costs her everything?

Fat Freddy: playing age 40 yrs. Founder of and trainer at GRRL PWR women’s boxing gym. He’s a big, physical bloke with a tremendous drive to succeed but limited self-awareness and capacity for empathy. Effectively a surrogate father to Kim.

Teri Rivers: playing age 40 yrs. An energetic dynamo. Single mother, ambitious and pragmatic. Fiercely loyal to her daughter, Kim – but also to Freddy, her long-standing friend.

The Mr Men (written and directed by Anna Girolami): in an affectionate tribute to the legendary Frost Report sketch, Mr Average and Mr Small shoot for the heights of Mr Tall but fall short yet again.

Mr Tall: any playing age. Smug, entitled member of the elite who is blind to the fact that his comfortable situation is mainly a matter of luck. Quick to turn any situation to his advantage. Actor needs to be really quite tall and able to hop up to ride piggy back on Mr Average!

All enquiries to me at

Please attach headshot and link to showreel/spotlight/Mandy profile or equivalent. Auditions will be in held on July 28th. Venue to be confirmed shortly.

See you soon!




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